Sun Dried Raisin for Sale

Sun dried raisin produced in Kashmir have the lowest percentage in our country in terms of sugar percentage and even the price of the product, and if you are looking for a better product, the products have been offered to you, which you can buy in this sales agency. Dried raisins price is rising in the market today. Sun dried raisins are offered by the seller in the market and are sold in different ways. Sellers are now selling the product in a virtual way and through sites

Sun Dried Raisin for Sale

Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Raisin

Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Raisin Raisins are produced at the end of summer, but can be purchased in all seasons in the category of nuts and dried fruits. Because grape has a high nutritional value and, like fresh figs, can sometimes be eaten instead of a meal, its dried fruit, called raisins, has all the nutrients and benefits of grapes except water. So do not forget to buy raisins and consume them in the form of sweet nuts, snacks such as raisin peas, in food such as pilaf raisins or cakes and sweets. Here are some tips on buying raisins.

  • Fresh raisins are a dried fruit, but they should not be completely dry and firm and should also retain their softness and tenderness. So when buying raisins, make sure they are not too old and dry. The taste, color and smell of raisins indicate their age or quality and you can try their freshness with them.
  • If the raisins are too old or not stored properly, there is a possibility of spoilage and unhealthiness. The appearance of raisins is important; such as change in color and taste, crystallization and sugaring, stickiness of raisins and observation of insects or their eggs, worms, mold and the like.
  • If you buy raisins without stems, you no longer need to spend a lot of time separating the stems from the raisins; because this separation is not an easy task.

Raisins are produced in many cities in Iran. Sun dried raisins are famous for having a better quality than other raisins and a much longer shelf life while maintaining its quality. The raisins 1kg price vary depending on the place of production, and pay attention to this point when buying.

Sun Dried Raisin Markets

Sun Dried Raisin Markets High quality raisins are exported to other countries. According to available statistics, the export of raisins to world markets is more than seventy percent. Some raisin shopping malls are widely active in this field. These products are ready to be sent to other parts of the world by these shopping centers. Iranian sun raisins are one of the most famous dried fruits in the world and many countries have included their consumption in their diet and nutrition plan. Raisin shopping center in all of Iran is ready to supply and sell raisins in packages or in bulk according to the customer and consumer order.

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