Sun Dried Grape Raisin Sales Growth

This supply agency is one of the best reputable and standard sellers of raisins for export in the country and delivers a wide variety of these sun-dried and quality raisins directly to the customer in the best way and at the best price. sun dried grape raisin are rich in fiber. Proper quality and type of packaging will only result in a community of buyers and increased sales. Customers are looking for good quality and reasonable price.

Sun Dried Grape Raisin Sales Growth

How long does it take to dry grapes into raisins in the sun?

How long does it take to dry grapes into raisins in the sun? Sun dried raisins are a very organic and healthy example of healthy raisins for daily consumption, which are available in different types of pens, currants, pastries, Fakhri, Ploui, Asgari, Takestan, Kashmari and etc. with the best drying methods in a healthy sun environment using Equipped nets and environment free of insects are stored, dried and prepared. In preparing this type of raisins, no chemical is used for drying and sulfur is not applied to it and it is dried by sunlight and heat.

The question we have in mind now is that how are raisins made? Remove rotten, unripe, spotted, moldy fruits, as well as cracked and damaged berries from the cluster so that the dried product is of good quality. Any rot and defect will be identified after further drying. Rotten fruits also reduce the quality and rot of other grape seeds in the cluster. Thoroughly wash and disinfect the bunches of grapes. Separate the bunches of grapes from the middle stem. Be sure to remove each cluster from the stem to move it. Place the spikes in a basket or drainer or any container that air can easily get in and out of. Hang this dish in the sun from something like a nail or rope. If you make raisins in large quantities, you can spread the grapes on a tablecloth or cloth and expose them to sunlight. Grapes turn into raisins after a few days. How long after they turn into raisins varies in different regions and the intensity of sunlight and humidity. It takes about 15 to 20 days.

Sales Growth of Sun Dried Grape Raisin

Sales Growth of Sun Dried Grape Raisin Selling export green raisins with good and suitable packaging for this purpose can be a good option to create a way for the market to grow and prosper in the current economic conditions. In the Iranian market, we can pay special attention to some products, products that are well known in the field of agriculture and are among the first-hand products of the country. High quality sun dried raisins are exported to other countries. According to available statistics, the export of raisins to world markets is more than seventy percent. Some raisin shopping centers in Tehran have extensive activities in this field. These products are ready to be sent to other parts of the world by these shopping centers. Iranian raisins are one of the most famous nuts in the world and many countries have included their consumption in their food and nutrition program.

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