Raw Raisins Wholesale

Not worry! Trust us! Shop the fresh raisins high quality wholesale from us. Our company, with many years of experience in the raisins trade, is a leading raw raisins exporter and wholesale supplier in Iran. Our greatest aim is to provide great customer satisfaction. That’s why we are concerned with an excellent customer service. Our traders are the wholesalers of different kinds of raisins from the most well-known brands.

Raw Raisins Wholesale

Uses of Raisins

Uses of Raisins Raisins can be eaten raw or with different foods or snacks. You can add raisins to any cooked or cold food. For example, they are used mainly in a salad, with rice, etc. Hooray! raisins, mixed with a variety of nuts, is a great delicious snack. When raisins are added to baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and pastries, they help keep the final product moist. Furthermore, in the long term, interest in the use of raisins for making innovative bakery products is observed. You can use raisins as part of your daily diet. Using raisins for breakfast instead of sugar or any sweets, is an optimal choice.

Raisins can be used in producing raisin essence oil that is also very useful for cooking, medicine, used as a skin care or hair care product, and aromatherapy. Raisins soaked in gin are great for your arthritis pain. Eating nine raisins a day is excellent to relieve arthritis pain. Furthermore, raisins soaked in water can be another recipe with raisins. Actually, soaked raisins are more efficient and nutritious than raisins; because when you keep raisins in water overnight, the helpful minerals and vitamins of raisins get dissolved in water.

Raisins Digestion

Raisins Digestion As we mentioned before, our company offers different types of raisins. Raisins are high in soluble fiber which has a great effect on the digestive system and reduce stomach problems. Improving bowel movements, raisins help the stool pass through the intestines easier. According to some researches, tartaric acid contained in raisins has anti-inflammatory properties and improves intestinal function. Moreover, due to this protein, the balance of bacteria in your gut will be regulated. You should be on the safe side and eat these dried grapes in moderation. Otherwise, eating too many raisins means an increase in soluble fiber, and too much fiber may result in gastrointestinal upset including cramps, gas, and bloating. On the other hand, poor absorption of nutrients, intestinal blockage, etc can be the result of consuming too much raisin.

Raisins contain some antioxidants such as polyphenols, bioflavonoids, etc. But consuming too many antioxidants can endanger your digestive cell’s health. Many antioxidants can react with your gastrointestinal cells and then cause oxidative damage to the healthy cells. Raisins are undoubtedly a great superfood with a good nutritional profile. But some people might be allergic to raisins and they may be faced with some side effects like vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.

Raisins Wholesale Price

Raisins Wholesale Price Each of raisins has its own price and it should be noted that the price item is variable as time passes. To get the best wholesale price, raisins must be purchased directly from the manufacturer without any intermediaries. Our company is both manufacturer and supplier. Hence, you can purchase our raisins wholesale at affordable prices. On the other hand, our Iranian company benefits from the cheaper labor force and lower shipping costs compared with other countries. In this case, we are proud to announce that our raisins wholesale price is competitive. Furthermore, purchase in bulk or in packages can affect our product’s price. Feel free while buying from us, because our wholesalers will offer you the exceptional occasions at best whole prices. For instance, purchasing our black seedless raisins 1kg in bulk is something else. Due to wholesale purchases, our dear buyers will have great discounts. Then, the final price will be lower.

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