Raisins Wholesale Price in 2021

As our company has provided you with direct purchase, you can get the best prices. On the other hand, due to the cheaper labor force and lower shipping costs compared with another countries, we’re proud to announce that our raisins wholesale price is competitive.

Raisins Wholesale Price in 2021

What are Different Types of Raisins?

What are Different Types of Raisins? There are 6 types of raisins that are discussed here:

1. Black raisin: Black raisin is obtained by drying seedless grape in full sun and results in a dark color. The higher the heat and the more direct the sunlight, the darker the raisin. This kind is prepared without any additive and is high in sugar level.

2. Currants(Maviz): Currants are not too sweet and made from Black Corinth which is seedless and dark in color. They are dried naturally.

3. Sultanas: Sultana(Tizabi) is made of seedless green grapes. To gain a light brown color, it can be processed with sulfur but the dark brown sultana does not contain any sulfur. It can be used in bread industry, cake, etc.

4. Red raisins: These delicious raisins are made from red-skinned seedless grapes. People extract it from flame seedless red grapes.

5. Long(Kashmar) raisins: Long raisins are made from Kashmar grapes with a golden color and long appearance. Each raisin is 2-3 cm long. Long raisins are very sweet and free from contamination and have two types including long green raisins and long gold raisins.

6. Golden(Bonab) raisins: Golden raisins are made from the golden seedless grapes. These grapes are treated with sulfur dioxide to obtain the lighter color of the grape. Due to their beautiful and appetizing appearance.

From a particular point of view, we can classify raisins into soaked raisins and dry raisins. When raisins are kept in water overnight, the vitamins and minerals of the outer skin get dissolved in the water. In this case, we will gain more nutrients from raisins. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of raisins soaked in water. Keep in mind that some academic findings have proved soaked raisins benefits for female: Women are very concerned with their skin and soaked raisins protect skin cells against damaging effects and may help delay premature aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

Bulk Price of the Best Raisins in 2021

Bulk Price of the Best Raisins in 2021 As we mentioned above, there are different kinds of raisins that each of them has its own price. Actually, there is not a fixed price for each of them.

Many factors affect bulk price of these raisins: shipping costs, quality, harvest season of raisins, etc. As customer satisfaction matters a lot to us, we are dedicated to providing our dear buyers with top quality products at best prices.

To be informed about the prices, dear customers can reach us anytime by the numbers listed on our commercial site. Our team of sales experts will follow you step by step in all sales stages.

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