Natural Raisins Suppliers

Producer and supplier of natural raisins from the best products suitable for export of our country in the field of this type of nuts is present in this site and will meet the needs of its customers for the best types of raisins. Raisin supplier works in supplying different types of natural raisins in many provinces of our country, and today we have this product with high quality. These suppliers receive the product from the manufacturers and provide it to the customer in various ways.

Natural Raisins Suppliers

Specifications of Natural Raisins

Specifications of Natural Raisins Raisins are prepared in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight because it changes the color of raisins to black and loses its beauty. Drying and preparation of raisins should be done in rooms that allow open air and should also be hung on the threads that are attached to the walls of the room. This allows them to dry faster and also be easier to harvest. Some raisins are used in food preparation.

Natural raisins have a light brown to green color spectrum. This type of raisin is completely natural and organic and does not use any additives or chemical preservatives in its production. Due to the great variety of grapes and different processing and drying methods, raisins are different in shape, color, size, with kernels, sunscreen, dry or smoky shade.

good raisins should not have sand or soil or abnormal smell and taste, and quality raisins are obtained from grapes that have reached at least 80%. To diagnose this issue, you should pay attention to the texture of raisins and the amount of sweetness, taste and size. The color of first-class raisins should be as uniform as possible, although the degree of uniformity depends on the type of raisins and the region in which the raisins are produced, as well as the process of preparing the raisins. Other quality parameters of raisins that are usually related to the process of cleaning raisins are the number of raisins, unripe raisins, fine raisins, crushed raisins and sugared raisins, which in all these cases must be less than the standard defined number. The smaller the numbers, the more accurate and better the process of clearing the raisins.

Natural Raisins Price

Natural Raisins Price Natural raisins supply in bulk and retail with reasonable prices and excellent quality is possible through the online and offline store site. To buy and order this product, you can contact our expert colleagues. Raisins are mainly sold in our country through various centers such as online stores and traditional markets, which are among the most important sources of this product.

the price of raisins natural sugar produced in the country varies according to their different types and their quality. Therefore, a fixed and regular raisin price cannot be considered for these products. But in general, high quality raisins have a relatively high price in the country and not all segments of society can afford this product. Raisins are offered in the country most days of the week and buyers usually buy and consume this product along with nuts.

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