most common raisin Global market

The global raisins market is classified on the basis of product type and their use. On the base of product type, the most common raisin market is classified as natural, golden seedless, black currant and etc. The natural seedless raisins are fundamentally sun-dried seedless grapes in the event that، golden seedless raisins are same as natural seedless raisins but they are oven-dried to resist from darkening effect of sunlight.

most common raisin Global market

What are different types of raisins?

What are different types of raisins? We can find different types of raisins in the markets with different colors and flavors. Here is a short description of these kinds of products:

1. Black raisins: These natural products are the most common type of raisins which are made from any grapes. These raisins are black in color and quite natural, because the grapes are dried under direct sunlight. Their flavor is caramelized, cool and sweet.

2. Green raisins: These chewy raisins are green in color and short in size from 1,5 to 2 cm. These natural products are most produced in the Middle East.

3. Currants: Currants are dark raisins with sharp and sweet flavor and high properties. these natural products are obtained by drying some kinds of grapes which are called royal grapes.

4. Red raisins: There are some red skinned raisins which are to some extent different from black ones. They are also known with their high qualities. Red raisins are a rich source of energy, minerals and electrolytes. It is interesting to know that raisins contain more dietary fiber than grapes and are known as a natural laxative.

Consumption of raisins has amazing benefits and properties. The “raisins benefits” include strengthening oral health, treating anemia, improving skin health and improving sleep.

Global market of most common raisin

Global market of most common raisin Raisins make up a significant portion of agricultural exports each year. It is interesting to know that Iranian raisins are known in the most countries of the world and have their own customers. Statistics show that raisin exports are the third most important non-oil commodity in the country after pistachios and saffron.

The raisin industry in Iran is tied to the livelihood and employment of hundreds of thousands of people, but at any moment there is a fear of losing its position as an exporter of raisins. Meanwhile, the United States and Turkey are Iran’s most important export competitors in the world. But what has put the industry in crisis is the government’s lack of support for grape growers and raisin growers.

The presence of brokers and the cheap purchase of raisins in the seasons when these producers do not sell has caused dissatisfaction and lack of motivation of these producers.

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