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Raisins are one of the most nutritious foods that attract many fans with their sweet taste. There are many sales centers in the country that always want to provide their consumers with quality raisins. Therefore, our company is one of the large raisins distributor and delivers this product to the customer at a good price.

Large Raisins Distributor

Sun-maid Raisins Allergy Information

Sun-maid Raisins Allergy Information The natural sugar of raisins green is easy to digest and provides a lot of energy to the body, But you should be careful to consume a certain amount of it every day because you may consume too much sugar per day. Raisins, like all other dried fruits, should be eaten in moderation because they will cause weight gain due to their carbohydrates. Industrially prepared raisins made with sulfur dioxide vapor may cause problems for people with asthma, respiratory problems, or people who are allergic to sulfur. Of course, you can also prepare raisins in the traditional way.

1. High fiber: Although the fiber in food is great for the digestive system, we must be careful not to overeat; Because eating too much fiber in the diet is harmful to the health of our digestive system and may lead to poor absorption of nutrients, intestinal obstruction and bloating. Dietary fiber can absorb excess fluids and help treat diarrhea. However, consuming too much of them without drinking a lot of water can cause dehydration, indigestion and other stomach ailments.

2. Allergic reaction: Raisins are an excellent source of nutrients that have many health and beauty benefits. However, some people may be allergic to raisins and should avoid them. Some common allergic reactions that may occur are: risk of bacterial infections, increased histamine levels and consequently increased mucus production in the lungs, nasal congestion and runny nose, difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, Diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate and abdominal pain.

Raisins are one of those grape products that are used for its pleasant taste in cooking, nuts or a full meal. Grapes are not available in all seasons, so products such as raisins are used. There are different types of raisins, the best of which are sun raisins. Sunny raisins come from a variety of grapes. During the process, the grapes are exposed to the sun without chemicals. The quality of sun raisins is higher than other raisins as it contains no additives and is exposed to the sun. Besides its delicious taste, raisins have many medicinal and therapeutic properties that double the pleasure of use.

Are raisins healthy?

Are raisins healthy? On the other hand, raisins are so easy and fast to eat and available that there is no excuse to remove them from the diet. 50g of raisins; Contains 129 calories, 34g of carbohydrates, 1.3g of protein, 1.6g of fiber, 25.4g of sugar, 322 mg of potassium, 0.8 mg of iron, 0.08 of vitamin B6, 14 mg of magnesium, 22 mg of calcium, 1.5 mg of vitamin K. Method of preparation Raisins are prepared in two traditional and industrial ways.

In the traditional method, the grapes are poured into a large tray and dried in the sun, or, as in the old days, grape clusters were hung in basements or dark rooms to dry. In the industrial type, sulfur vapor or immersion in sharp water or other methods is used. Seedless grapes are usually suitable for raisins, but anyone can dry and use any grapes.

Among the nuts and raisins, which are rich in nutrients and energy, can be mentioned. Raisins are very effective in lowering blood pressure, preventing anemia, improving vision and sexual problems, bone health, preventing heart diseases, and skin, hair, mouth and dental health. Seed or seedless best green raisins are called raisins and are classified according to their types.

Raisins Sale

Raisins Sale The price list of raisins in Iran differs in terms of type, material and quality, and customers can be informed about the most up-to-date prices of this product through their internet sites, and as a result, they can buy raisins from there. The daily price of raisins was slightly higher, while the price of sunny raisins was lower than that of raisins. However, yellow raisins are in competition with green raisins and daily prices of raisins 500g or yellow raisins vary according to economic fluctuations, and the latest price can be seen on the internet sites at any time. Green raisins are cheaper than other raisins.

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