Green Raisin Exporting Countries

There are many countries that export green raisins, but Turkey, Iran and the United States are among the top exporters of this product. Turkey is the sixth largest producer of grapes in the world, but it plays a leading role in the production of green raisins. American raisins are usually grown in California. Iran is the 11th largest producer of this fruit in the world with a production of about three million tons and is the third largest exporter of green raisins after the United States and Turkey.

Green Raisin Exporting Countries

Is there a green raisin?

Is there a green raisin? Dried grapes are called raisins, which are prepared in different types, shapes and colors. Different types of raisins include sun-dried raisins, dry shade, acid and grapes. When green grape seeds are dried in the shade, green raisins are produced. Among the green raisins benefits are strengthening the heart, liver, memory and genitals. Green raisins nutrition provide the energy needed for daily activities. Green raisins are a good food for climbers, athletes, students and middle-aged people. Because raisins are so high in calories, eating a quarter cup is enough. This amount will provide a large part of the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Consumption of green raisins regularly and daily removes laziness and lethargy from the body, reduces stress and due to its high calorie content, will help provide the body with the energy it needs. Green raisins, due to their fructose sugar, have It is a fast energy consumption, it also makes you feel full and prevents false appetite, and therefore it is useful for weight loss. Green raisins contain a variety of minerals, especially calcium, boron and phosphorus, and play an important role in bone health and prevention of osteoporosis, and its consumption is very useful for premenopausal women. Green raisins also contain high amounts of vitamin D, which helps to better absorb calcium. The properties of green raisins are the treatment of impotence and the elimination of erection problems. Consumption of raisins helps to stimulate sexual desire and causes sexual arousal due to the presence of an amino acid called arginine.

Exporting Countries for Green Raisin

Exporting Countries for Green Raisin Iran, Turkey and the United States are the three countries in the export of green raisins. Sultana raisins are the most common type of raisins in Turkey, which has the highest export volume. Raisins are one of dried fruits consumed in the United States. The most common type of raisin in this country is Thomson kernel raisin. Other types include Selma Pete, Muscat and Sultan. Turkey is the only country that exports more raisins than the United States. 27% of the world’s raisins are exported from Iran, which earns millions of dollars annually. Iran exports raisins to more than 100 countries, including Australia, Britain, the United States, Italy and France.


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