Good Raisins Wholesale Price

Raisins are one of the traditional nuts and dried fruits of Iran and the wholesale market of raisins is very prosperous. To buy good raisins in bulk, you can use our site and communicate directly with site supporters in the bulk of this popular product. Wholesale raisins make it easier for consumers to reach the product, to meet the needs of customers. In these centers, the product is sold in different ways to make it easy for customers to buy. Every year the market for buying and selling raisins in bulk is associated with high demand.

Good Raisins Wholesale Price

Calories in 10 Raisins

Calories in 10 Raisins Green raisins have a lot of calories. Therefore, children, athletes, etc. who consume a lot of energy daily, can use some green raisins daily to get energy again. Each raisin has a total of 3 calories, which means that every ten raisins will have 30 calories. If you eat only 10 raisins a day, be sure to ensure your health, because you can get the amount of calories needed for important daily activities from this product. But raisins yellow have twenty-nine calories per tablespoon, and each hundred grams have three hundred and two calories. These raisins usually have a special taste and lose their natural flavor. Sulfur compounds are used to prevent browning reactions to preserve the golden and yellow color. Considering the fact that acidic raisins and grape raisins use dangerous chemicals, acid and sulfur, the first two types are better.

How to Keep Raisins Fresh?

How to Keep Raisins Fresh? In this note, we will examine the ways to choose a good raisin, the best storage methods and the signs of its quality loss. There are currently 4 types of raisins on the market:

  1. Sun-dried: It dries in the sun and its color darkens due to fermentation and enzymatic browning reactions, raisins.
  2. Dry shade: It is a raisin that dries in the shade and its color remains green; Contrary to popular belief, these grapes do not contain chemicals such as sulfur or acid.
  3. Acid: It is a raisin that has a yellowish-brown color and in its production, an alkaline substance called acid, a mixture of potassium carbonate and a kind of oil, is used. These raisins are recognizable by their shiny appearance.
  4. Grape or golden: These raisins are both soaked in acid and exposed to sulfur fumes, and their color is amber yellow to light brown.

How to store raisins at home: Raisins should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid storing it in damp places, as mold can grow. If you do not have enough space in the refrigerator to store raisins, you can use dark cabinets. Just do not place them near the gas. If you store raisins at room temperature, up to six months, and if you put them in the refrigerator and containers in a closed and impermeable, you can increase the storage time to one year. Another problem is the possibility of insect attack, so make sure there are no insect eggs or the insects themselves before storing. Prolonged or excessive drying of raisins in the open air or even in the refrigerator will cause them to harden. For this reason, it is said that raisins must be stored in sealed containers. In the refrigerator, due to the crystallization of the sugar in it, you may gradually have firm raisins.

Dried Raisins Deal

Dried Raisins Deal Depending on the type of consumption of raisins in the market and the difference in consumption, different types in the weights of 500g, 1 kg and raisins 3 kg are offered to the market. Raisins and other cultivars are offered for dried, home and industrial uses for cakes and pastries factories, confectioneries, etc. Many major consumers are looking for a way to buy bulk raisins directly and without intermediaries to buy the product at the best price from raisins distributor and avoid making a profit to other intermediaries. Acid and pilaf types are also sold in bulk in the market. Many low-yield producers and farmers sell their produce in bulk to stores and nuts stores to enter the consumer market.


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