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Dried raisins are very useful and are consumed all over the world. It is mainly used in foods and desserts and as snacks and nuts. The price of raisins varies on different days of the year. With the distance from the production season and the reduction of inventories in warehouses, the price changes. Due to price fluctuations, you can visit our site to get information about dried raisins price.

dried raisins  price

dried raisins nutrition facts

dried raisins nutrition facts The history of raisin production in Iran dates back thousands of years. However, among these produced and processed products, the oldest type of raisin is raisins. The process of producing grapes instead of sunflower raisins has both advantages and disadvantages, the most important of which are: It is easy to spread the grapes in the sun to turn them into raisins in 2 to 3 weeks. Since it is organic, its nutritional value will be high. But the problem is that dust, possible rains and banana bugs can damage this product. This raisin is one of the products offered in the market in two forms: in bulk or in bags It is packaged in a carton called raisins. This raisin variety is one of the products sold in the domestic market rather than export.

There are different regions in Iran that process and produce this product, the most important of which are: Qazvin, Vineyard, Takestan, Hamedan, Abhar Zanjan. Of course, there are other areas that produce sunny raisins, but the volume is low. However, the two main regions producing sunflower grapes in Iran are the Qazvin and Malayer vineyards in Hamedan. The processing methods of both crops are the same in the two regions, but the grapes from which the grapes are obtained in the two regions are slightly different. The quality of Takestan product will be better than Malayer product as Takestan contains slightly higher sugar.

The production procedure is very simple, when the grape grower piles it up, arranges it on the ground of his garden or on the asphalt, or sometimes even spreads it in isogum until the warm sun of September, in two to three weeks it slowly grows into a raisin. Raisins have the same production process as raisins, and the raisins of these products can be made into raisins in various ways such as dry sun, dry shade, soaking in acidic liquid and then spreading in the sun, and finally mechanized and industrialized. due to its high properties. So for more information about raisins 500g

dried grapes benefits

dried grapes benefits Most people consume raisins because of their natural sugars and energy, But this sweet dried fruit also has other unique properties. One of the most important properties of raisins is the strengthening effect of hair follicles, which prevents and treats hair loss. On the other hand, the effect of raisins on memory enhancement makes nutritionists consider it one of the best foods to prevent Alzheimer’s. Contrary to popular belief, raisins are a weight loss miracle due to their high calorie content; It is high in fiber, which helps food digest better, and is a natural snack that is the best alternative to unhealthy sugars in diets.

Foods made with raisins In addition to being a popular snack, raisins can be used in many different foods. Raisins are widely used in various pilafs cooked in mixtures. Raisins are the best choice, especially for those who like to add sweet seasonings to their meals. For example, among the foods made with raisins, chicken with raisins, lentils, rice, carrot rice, cherry rice, etc. we can use The use of raisins in various salads also reduces the coldness of the salad and gives a pleasant taste to the salad. So for more information about raisins rate per kg.

maviz raisin supplier

maviz raisin supplier It is possible to sell and sell the products both in bulk and in parts, that is, at least 3 cartoons, and in addition to the above-mentioned raisins, the customer can purchase the above-mentioned raisins on this site, as well as the two above-mentioned imported products. Paid means that Uzbek and Afghan raisins can also be purchased from this company. So visit our website for more information about raisins quality.

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