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There are some countries where you can buy black raisins to export or import them.

Introduction of black raisins

Black raisins are the world’s largest export product because there are lots of countries where you can sell black raisins Dried grapes or raisins are one of the most popular grape products in the world. About 600 types of grapes have been identified in the world, and with this variety, there are also different types of raisins in the market. Among the types of grapes, seedless green grapes, black grapes, green raisin grapes and ruby ​​grapes can be mentioned. Raisin green grapes of the highest quality are sold all over the world. Different types of raisins are offered under different names according to the type of grape, drying method and conditions, and permitted additives. Introduction of black raisins

Different variety of black raisins

But in 2020, this classification changed and became: Turkey, America, Iran, India and China. In general, three methods of raisin production are common in the country, which are briefly mentioned below: Golden Raisin This raisin, which is also known as sulphurous raisin, is common in European and American countries. This product is made from seedless grapes and dried by sulfur smoke. The output of this method is golden and yellow raisins. Sunny raisins As its name suggests, this raisin is prepared under direct sunlight without the use of chemicals. The raisin obtained by this method is brown and dark in color. Sour raisins Vegetable oil and potassium carbonate are used to speed up the drying of grapes. Raisins resulting from this process are usually light yellow to brown in color. Different variety of black raisins

What is black raisin’s features

There are two forms of sodium carbonate, edible and industrial. Currently, there is sodium carbonate from three countries in the Iranian market: Italy, Korea and China. The Italian version of this product has better quality. In this method, the grapes are hung from the ceiling of the hall and dried in the air for 50 to 60 days. The raisins obtained in this method are green in color. The best raisins for export are seedless or small-seeded raisins. It should be mentioned that raisins are generally divided into 5 categories: green, yellow, sour, sunny and currant. What is black raisin's features

 Black raisins at a cheap price

The countries where you can buy black raisins to import them in your countries are USA, Turkey and Iran. Today, the export of raisins has become common in many countries. The average price of Iranian raisins in the world market is $7. 1, and in 2018 and 2019, the export of Iranian raisins has grown by 33%. Nuts and dried fruit market is so big that any type of fruit can be turned into dried fruit and create a lot of added value. There are different types of raisins, such as (Golden Raisin, Sultan, Green Raisin, and Raisin types).  Black raisins at a cheap price

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